As a thank you to our future patients we offer a $50 credit for allowing us to be your provider. 

Medical Dispensary

KGI flower is at the heart of each and every KGI product. At the core of everything we make, it represents an unwavering dedication to delivering premium cannabis throughout Montana. From the way in which it’s grown and curated, to the way in which it’s enjoyed, KGI flower represents cannabis at its finest. Try it once and you’ll be a believer.

Proper dosing and potency of the product is key to the benefits and enjoyment of any cannabis experience. At KGI, we know from experience what a proper dose should be. As a brand, we produce products that you can rely on, with optimal dosage and potency. Trust us, we test it and then test it again until it meets our intensive brand standards.


Address: 100 Columbia Mountain Dr, Ste. 2
Columbia Falls, MT 59912

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